Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fuqua Decision

After my experiences at Blue Devil Weekend (see both of these posts), I knew I had some tough thinking to do. I needed to revisit my answer to the question "Is this the right year for me to go to business school?" in light of the economic changes that have occurred since I initially decided to apply back in September and I needed to really think hard about "Is Fuqua the right school for me?".

BDW helped me learn a lot about the program and Durham. I feel like I would receive a fine education from Duke and the people were nice. I really didn't like the town of Durham. It's very isolated and I learned that I really value friendships with people who work in different industries and projects and that's something that would be very difficult in Durham because all of the Fuqua students live, study, and hang out together. After this weekend, I knew I could be happy going to Fuqua even though, honestly, it has never been one of my top choices.

Next, I had to determine how I felt about my need to go to grad school this year. I have a great job that is challenging for me and two great managers that will let me take on as much responsibility as I can handle. I didn't apply to business school because I didn't like my job or I was out of work. Since applying to school, my responsibilities at work have grown significantly.

In the end, not being very excited about Fuqua and having significant growth opportunities at work led me to decide to decline Fuqua's offer of admission. I wish the rest of the Duke MBA Class of 2011 the best in their two short years at Fuqua. Now it's either up to Haas or reapplying in September.


Anonymous said...

I am sure that your decision must have been well thought of, but still think of it, if you'd like to get the decision deferred. Fuqua is a gr8 school and having it in ur pocket for the nxt yr may be a gud choice.

Wishing u luck with Haas!!

Omne said...

It sounds like you really thought it through; you're right, spending two years someplace you won't be happy isn't worth it.

bizwiz said...

(i think) i know exactly what you mean. i am going through a somewhat similar thinking/decision-making process... i haven't posted about it yet, but I will.

good luck with your decision!

Anonymous said...


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