Saturday, February 6, 2010

Champagne Cupcakes with Champagne Buttercream Frosting

Girls applying to business school generally know that they're signing themselves up for a highly male dominated environment. However, the true impact of that statement is not something that will quite hit until you're well into your first semester and realize that you keep having conversations about South Park and video games. Sometimes all you need is just a few hours spent enjoying wine and the company of the other girls in your class to unwind and not have to attempt to understand the male dominated conversations that permeate campus.

Hence, girls night.

I offered to host the most recent girls night as it gives me an excuse to try out a new baking recipe every now and again since I also really miss having leftover cookies, cupcakes, etc in my freezer to pull out when the craving strikes. The girls unanimously wanted cupcakes and almost everyone voted for these champagne cupcakes as well.

While they weren't the easiest cupcake to make due to the whipped egg whites in the batter, they still were relatively quick. (For those of you who try this recipe on your own, note that the batter is going to seem very sticky (almost like a bread dough) until you try to add the egg whites and then it will seem very clumpy and not well mixed. Not to worry, you're on the right track.)

The frosting has a great buttercream flavor with just a hint of champagne at the very end of the bite. I recommend making it at least the night before as the flavor does change a bit.

All in all, one very tasty experience and great for any party. If you'd like to make your own Champagne Cupcakes, check out the recipe here.


Nicole said...

Fantastic recipe! I'm a first year MBA @ Indiana (Kelley) and I completely agree - some nights you just need to hang with the ladies! We often get together, order pizzas, kick off our shoes & open a few bottles of wine. We put a moratorium on "shop talk" after 9pm! It's nice to talk about things OTHER than school, classes and internships! It's a great way to bond and get to know each other outside the classroom. PS: If you're a baker, definitely try these too!

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