Thursday, November 19, 2009


So I know that everyone tells you grad school isn't about grades. I mean just look at the grading distribution. At Haas, the lowest grade a professor ever has to give is a B-, with the majority of students getting B+s. While I intellectually knew that this was true, I can honestly say that after spending my entire prior educational career trying to get straight As, I have to say that it was difficult to let go of grades. I tested the waters by not doing assigned readings and waiting until the absolute last minute to complete assignments which are all things that I would have previously considered to be slacking.

Our last quarter ended almost a month ago and we have yet to hear how we did, so I have pretty much forgotten about grades as I've become heads down trying to make sure that this semester is successful. We started hearing about our grades from first quarter today and I have to say that seeing that my grades start to come in and not have my more laid back strategy blow up in my face. I will definitely have to remember this in the future as all of the end of first semester, thanksgiving, and holiday parties start! Relax and worry less about grades!


JulyDream said...

I think I'm the only person in the SY class who still cares about grades.... and during FY, the forced curve kills at Darden (or helps depending on where you sit).

"LSMBA" said...

I've had trouble with the value of GPA since middle school. I could work my butt off to get that extra 10-20% on a test, or I could take what I need from the class for a fraction the effort and spend my energy on more interesting, tangible problems.

On the flipside, a GPA is a hallmark of a solid worker. Were I hiring an entry level position, GPA would be the first thing I'd look at - will this guy do the work I give him?

It's a conundrum. I have a love/hate relationship with GPA - I've aced hard classes because they were interesting, and gotten C's in easy ones because I didn't care. I'm glad bschool is more real world oriented ... learn the stuff, but don't freak out about your grades. When you need to know something, you will make it your job to learn it... that's business!

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