Sunday, April 27, 2008

Making Dreams Come True

A year ago when Alpa moved into her new condo, she noticed that there was a guy who lived across the way from her who liked to cook in his boxers and occasionally roamed his studio naked. She has long called him her "Naked Chef." She has spent the entire year watching him from her couch and ogling from afar.

On Friday night, Jessie and I wandered over to Alpa's apartment for a chill evening of girl talk and go fish. The Naked Chef was at it again finishing up his dinner in his kitchen and doing dishes in his boxers as usual. We girls watched him and giggled and gave Alpa a lot of crap for not having met him yet after a year of watching him.

Jessie then managed to catch his eye and wave at him. He saw us and waved back. I suggested that we tape Alpa's phone number to the window and see if he calls. This was a suggestions that I had made many times before, but
previously no one had listened. This time, Jessie sprung into action and we started looking for paper. In no time, we had Jessie's phone number cut out of binder paper and taped to the window.

Less than a minute after we finished pasting the number on the window, the Naked Chef called. Ironically, his name is Jesse too. Jessie cordially invited him over for a drink.

Jesse came over and through our conversation with him we discovered that he too was an IT consultant and lives in apartment 302. He likes surfing and is from Canada.

After all of this time, I'm not sure if it was anti-climatic for Alpa to finally meet him, but he's still pretty cute in person. Just a good guy who loves working out and enjoys SF.

The mystery around the Naked Chef is now solved and Alpa as now thanked Jessie and I for making her dream come true of meeting her Naked Chef.

Now the bigger question, does the Naked Chef still cook naked after all of this?