Saturday, June 21, 2008

Almond Apricot Frangiopane Tartlets

This week, I was looking for something fast and easy that involved one of the great summer fruits that are in season now. Apricots are one of my favorite fruits for just a quick snack but I don't generally cook with them because they don't last that long in the fruit bowl. Since I bought these about an hour before I made the tarts, I didn't have time to eat all 9 apricots, leaving some for the tarts.

This recipe does include a recipe for pastry dough, but since I didn't have quite the right equipment, I used the ever trusty Pepperidge Farm pastry sheets. The almond frangiopane recipe is really easy. Just throw everything in the Quisinart and you're done. You should note that the frangiopane recipe makes a TON more than you need for these tarts.

In case people didn't like or were allergic to almonds, I made some tartlets without frangiopane and some with. Both were really good. Surprisingly, everyone liked the almond ones and the almond flavor didn't overpower the apricot flavor which was nice as well.

Here are some photos the tarts. You can find the recipe here.