Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Officially a Corporate Monkey

Yesterday, I officially became a corporate monkey at my new job. I finally got a corporate issue Blackberry 8700. For those of you SmartPhone junkies, this appears to be the most basic of SmartPhones. It has no cool trackball like the Blackberry Curve and is definitely massive! (I feel like I'm talking on a pancake when I am on the phone.

I have to admit as someone who's been resisting SmartPhones since I joined the work force 3 years ago, it's not as bad as I thought. The first thing I did was download Google Maps and Google Talk for Blackberries and that definitely helped my perception of the device. The Google Talk app is very cool and rather usable. Ironically, almost everyone who talks to me on IM on my phone couldn't call me if they wanted to as it is supposed to be a purely work phone. I did resist the urge to get Blogger for my phone. I figured it would be vastly faster to just blog at my computer since I type SOOO slowly on this thing.

It has been mildly handy so far, so I will resist making negative comments. It's just an opportunity for me to say no to work even when it's so convenient.

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