Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Piece of Italy

My grandparents spent a good deal of time traveling once my grandfather retired. The traveled to Europe, Australia, and Alaska taking cruises and tours or just going on their own. My grandfather is Scottish, so they traveled to Scotland and toured the countryside often tasting Scotch and checking out castles. My grandmother was Italian, so they also visited a variety of cities in Italy.

On their first trip to Italy, they went to Venice and commissioned several etchings from a local artist. They had one done of a famous bridge in San Marcos square and another of the view from their room on the waterways of Venice. They hung for years in the downstairs hallway of their house along with a similar set of etchings from London. When the moved out of their house and into an apartment, my grandma gave them to me for my new apartment as I had just recently moved as well. It has taken me years to get them reframed so they just made it on my wall last week.

I've included a pic of one of the two etchings. My apologies for the flash in the picture. It was the best that I could do. This etching is the the view from my grandparent's hotel room in Venice. Seeing it on my wall is a nice reminder of all of the happy memories of the times that I had with my grandmother.

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