Friday, March 14, 2008

I'm Finally a Blogger!!!

Yay! I am finally a blogger. As I've read friend's blogs and such, I've often thought of things that I would like to say and memories that I would like to preserve online. But then the dreaded thought, what am I going to call this collection of thoughts, musings, rants, memories, and anecdotes? A friend suggested that I think of quotes that I like and maybe start with my tagline. Great suggestion, I thought! I love quotes. That love for quotes proceeded to make that way too challenging as I immediately thought of about 10 quotes that I absolutely love.

Well, I won't detail the rest of the long and laborious process that resulted in my blog being called Sunnyside Up!, but I will briefly explain it's meaning. Not only am I fifth generation Californian (thanks Mom for the clarification) which probably means that sunshine is somewhere in my DNA, but I am a perpetual optimist (one of those glass half full people which tends to get me into trouble as you'll see throughout this blog). I also plan to discuss all sorts of topics on this blog so needed a generic enough title to encapsulate all of that variety. So with all of those thoughts in mind, I came to think about the "sunny side of life." I can't take complete credit for the leap from the sunny side of life to Sunnyside Up, but once I heard it, it just fit.

Here's to living life Sunnyside Up!


JulyDream said...

WOO HOO! I'm happy you found a name.

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! :D I'm excited for breakfast... though confused as to what I'm going to order. Normally it's pancakes, but those make weigh me down for soccer. Waffles instead?

Chu on this said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! It's about time!

What a wonderful name for a blog ;)

I'm looking forward to Tuesday night posts!

Rog said...

Nice to bear witness to the birth of your blog!