Tuesday, March 25, 2008

WANTED: Extremely professional high schooler

This realization has slowly come to me over the last week or so...but here it goes...

I was sitting at work on Friday afternoon at 5:30 waiting for the printer to spit out copies of a presentation that I didn't get to help write and definitely won't be giving, but needed to have stapled before 8am on Monday morning. Wow, what a waste of time! Not an uncommon realization for me at work recently, but the thought that came next was...

"I could pay a high schooler a nice wage of $15 an hour and sit at home and not have to work on the rest of what I'm paid."

That's just such a tempting thought. Granted it would never work, but wow. Still if you know of any very mature and professional high schoolers, send them my way!

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