Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fuqua Interview!!

I heard late last week that I got an interview for Fuqua! Very exciting. Luckily with all of the other insanity that's happening in the next couple of weeks at work, not at work and with GMAT stuff, I'm very glad that I got a phone interview with an Admissions Officer and do not have to travel to Durham, NC. I do want to travel to Durham at some point, hopefully for an Admitted Student weekend or something.

Now back to the remaining GMAT studying and interview prep for the weekend...


JulyDream said...


Deborah said...

Congratulations on your Fuqua interview! Check out the MBA Interview Feedback Database at to find out what questions have been asked at Fuqua.
Please share your interview experience after your interview. Doing so will automatically enroll you in Accepted’s It’s a 10! Contest and allow the database to continue to grow.

Good Luck!

Clear Admit said...

Hello Lauren,

For some reason, I could not reply to your e-mail, so I just wanted to say, thanks for reaching out to us! I've added your blog to the Clear Admit Wiki,

Best of luck and congrats on the Fuqua interview!


JulyDream said...

Where's the update on your GMAT? What about your weird exchange with Haas? This is good material! ;) xoxo