Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grad School Update

I know I've been posting about all sorts of things lately from the etchings that my grandparents gave me to Dessert Night's first birthday, but I haven't let you know what's been going on in my life on the grad school front. Honestly, it's been a bit quieter lately which is refreshing after all of those nights being up super late working on essays. That aside, there have been 3 major things that have happened lately:

1. Stanford rejected me. Honestly, I wasn't super surprised about this one, just rather disappointed as I had been hoping that Stanford would be my new home as of next year. They seem to be one of those schools where everyone who would consider applying has a chance of getting in, but really no one has a GREAT chance. So, it was worth the shot to apply. I think I liked their application the best of all of them too.

2. I had my Kellogg interview! Before any of you go getting too excited, getting an interview for Kellogg doesn't mean what it does for other schools. Kellogg interviews everyone who applies (assuming you don't live in a remote village in the middle of Sudan or something). Luckily, there are a lot of alumni scattered about so not everyone has to make the pilgrimage to Chicago in the middle of winter. I met with my alumni interviewer at a local Starbucks and we chatted for about an hour. All of the questions that he asked me were questions that I had prepped for care of the ClearAdmit interview wiki. I felt really prepared and we had a great discussion. All in all, a good contrast to my Stanford rejection.

3. I'm retaking the GMAT. Did you let out a groan too? I can't say that I'm excited about this fact, but I could use the opportunity to bump up my score a few points. Historically, I've been a bad test taker, but it's all mental so I want to use this opportunity to change that for myself. (Though it's not going great so far, as I'm writing this post to procrastinate taking a practice test.)

That's all of the recent happenings on the grad school side of things. I will be sure to keep you updated as I hear back from my other 4 schools. Good luck to all of you fellow applicants!! The end is in sight!


trystwithmba said...

Good luck with your GMAT.Like you said, its all mental!

bizwiz said...

yeah - good luck... i 'gave up' for this year, telling myself it's only one part of the application. if it doesn't work out, i'll prepare better and take it again next year.

ninja_dawg said...

Good luck! I also applied for R2 Kellogg, Haas, as well as a few other schools. If you want to drop me a line I'll keep you updated and vice versa. aparcel at gmail (dot) com. Cheers!

ninja_dawg said...

FYI, I didn't get in to Kellogg. As of right now, I'm in at UW, WL at USC. I also didn't get invited to interview at Haas, and I'm waiting to hear from Stanford and Anderson. Waiting sucks!

FYI - I'm on twitter @parce

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