Friday, July 18, 2008

Life: How Fast Things Change

As the summer sort of starts to wind down and I finally have time to catch up with people that I haven't seen or talked to in a while, the changes that everyone has been experiencing lately. Now I'm not talking about the friends who've gotten married or moved to a different state or country as the only example here. I do have a fair number of friends who are moving off to grad schools or different jobs in different places. I guess I'm more talking about people who appear to be in the same place in life physically and they've totally emotionally moved or changed and grew. It's really quite amazing.

This past year for me has been a bit insane: 3 different companies, worked in 2 states, almost two new apartments, reconnected with many old friends, made many new ones. But that's not really the important part of the story or what made me write this post. The biggest differences are in the person that I was then compared to the person that I am now. It's interesting how throughout the year I've gone from a very not happy person to very happy person to a very not happy person and back again to a happy person. Fundamentally, nothing has changed besides my outlook on life and how I've allowed myself to be treated.

Now that I've actually blogged about this, I'm not sure it was worth blogging about. There has just been a lot going on in my head and I thought that perhaps by putting it down on paper would make it all clearer somehow. I'm not sure that it has and I appreciate your participation in this effort. It is interesting though to look at gates or chapters in your own life and compare your current state with the state you were in before you went through the last gate and see how much you've changed.

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