Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pet Peeve....Bumper Stickers

So I know that I have TONS of other things to be blogging about (look for posts about last week's dessert night as well as my Mystery Box soon), but I saw a crooked bumper sticker on a Lexus SUV on my way home and it prompted this post.

While bumper stickers may have made their way onto countless bumpers and even the Stuff White People Like blog (#100), I have several issues with them. Bumper stickers on a beater are one thing, but I cannot fathom why anyone would slap a bumper sticker on the their lovely luxury car (if you've ever seen a Ferrari with one please let me know) because it just takes the car down several notches in the levels of niceness and elegance.

But if you've gone and already crushed the elegant image of your luxury vehicle like this Lexus did, at least get the darn thing on STRAIGHT! Please, you've already ruined your car, at least make sure that the sticker makes it on the car straight!!!

A crooked bumper that's just tacky. Please people!