Sunday, July 13, 2008

My First Mystery Box

I figure that since I've already gotten my second Mystery Box from Mariquita Farm that I should take a moment to write about the first one. Let me just say first of all that 15 lbs or so of veggies is a lot for one person, particularly someone like me who doesn't eat a ton. But, let me also say that it was amazingly yummy produce. Check out how full my fridge was when I stuffed the Mystery Box in it.

I first looked through the contents of the mystery box and tried to determine what everything was. Luckily, each one comes with a sheet that lists the contents and I've included photos of some of the items below.

Breakfast Raddishes

Collard Greens

Tokyo White Turnips

Erbette Chard


Also, without pictures:
-French Fingerling Potatoes
-Genovese Basil
-Little Gem Lettuce
-Chantenay Carrots

All in all, it was a really yummy experience. Though my fridge did do some weird things and render some of the foods inedible (like it turned the fresh genovese basil black and crispy in about 2 days). I didn't particularly do anything exciting in terms of recipes for all of this food, but I did do a great tarragon white wine butter sauce with some talapia, though I've since lost the recipe.

It was so yummy that Tara and I decided that we should share a Mystery Box the next time. More on that meal which did have great recipes later.

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